Bullet to the Head (2013)


Score = C

(Action/Crime) Rated-R

Review by: Kisho Wolfe

Logline: Set me up, and I’m gonna put you down!

Adapted from a graphic novel written by French author Alexis Nolent entitled: “Du plomb dans la tête,” Bullet to the Head kicks off with a bang!  Literally.  Starting a film somewhere in the middle and then taking you back to the events that led up to said moment, always makes for a bit of intrigue.  But, unfortunately for this film, the intrigue doesn’t make it to the closing credits.

Bullet to the Head is a movie about hit-man James Bonomo, AKA Jimmy Bobo (Stallone), who has been contracted to take out a high profile mark, but after the job, gets double crossed and ends up losing his partner in the process.  The rest of the film is the classic revenge-shoot ‘em up-more double cross-kidnap-trade formula.  The action is decent, but could have used more balance.  It’s a given that the main character will do some battling, but we should have seen more action from the by-the-book police officer Taylor Kwon(Sung Kang) than simply calling in data dumps from his Blackberry.

The more semi-entertaining aspects of the movie included banter between our protagonist and police officer.  Every now and then Jimmy would throw out colorful observations/anecdotes to Taylor’s prowess with a phone and maybe once or twice Taylor would counter with a “dig” of his own.  Again, balance was missed in these exchanges, making the banter feel one sided and a bit out of place but still good for a snicker.

This movie is one of the few recent American films that Sylvester Stallone has starred in but actually NOT had a hand in writing; and it shows.  Sure he’s always known to kick some ass in his films, but there’s an overshadowing punch to the material when he adds his pen to the ink.  And that’s not to say Alessandro Camon did a horrible job with the adaptation—I mean hell, how many Americans can fess up to actually hearing about the graphic novel, let alone reading it.  But, when it comes to a movie, the viewer—even the action movie viewer—want’s a bit of mystery throughout the plot lines (Otherwise on a scale to ten, the action should probably be turned up to twenty five to stay interesting.).

Bullet to the Head is one of those movies you watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon when there isn’t much else to do and nothing more pressing to watch.  A number of famous folks are here: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jason Momoa, Christian Slater, Jon Seda, and of course Sarah Shahi who brings some much needed eye candy to the otherwise cliche’d movie.  I give Bullet to the Head a middle-of-the-road “C” for it’s fairly decent experience and Stallone’s ability to still carry an entire movie on his back after decades of entertaining movie goers everywhere; ’cause let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for him, this would probably be a straight to DVD release…


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