Stolen (2012)


Score = C

(Action/Crime/Drama) Rated-R

Review by: Kisho Wolfe

Logline:  …About that ten million dollars you owe me.

Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) is a master bank heist-er with a small, but thorough team in his corner.  His current job will net the team a cool ten million dollars which is surely enough to get through a few rainy days, to say the least.  The FBI has tracked the team’s movements for a while and is fully aware of today’s current events when they break into a local bank.  Foreseeing such unfortunate circumstances, Will has everything under control until an unplanned variable gets between him and a clean break with the cash… his hot-headed partner.

As far as action movies go, Stolen succeeds in keeping things moving well enough to prevent boredom; which is why we watch action movies in the first place, right?  A lot of scenery is happening in this movie to keep things fresh as well.  From Fat Tuesday street parties and shabby apartments to lush bank lobbies and confined underground tunnels; our eyes are constantly treated to the multifaceted world of Stolen thanks to director Simon West.  He’s one of the few who can keep the action interesting in an otherwise stale environment, such as: the writing and characters in this movie.

David Guggenheim does well with the protagonist’s plot and all, but left the rest of the characters flailing around in half-hearted bliss.  Even our antagonist (Josh Lucas) left much to be desired; despite his unmitigated ramblings about…well whatever it was he was rambling about (that guy really just made me tune out of the moment for some reason).  I guess it was the writer’s attempt at making him seem like a psycho, but frankly I just wasn’t buying it.  Then again, that could have just been a bad role for Mr. Lucas.  I’ve seen sub-par writing get turned into some great acting depending on the caliber of the actor, so maybe a more explosive person playing this character would have made it believable.

I would have liked to have seen some sort of deeper connection or back-story with Will and Riley Jeffers (Malin Akerman) in the movie.  It seems a lot of potential was left untapped with the interaction between these two and could have elevated the entertainment level of things.  Were they exes, current lovers, BFFs since high school or something, what?  Aside from that, the FBI characters were pretty unidimensional as well and seemed to be where the movie made a play at a bit of comedy, but I’d say that was wasted time that could have been made more useful by giving these guys a bit of depth or in-house drama.

Overall, Stolen was a pretty good movie considering it was a freebie for Xbox Live’s free movie weekend dealio.  Hell, it had me invested for the bulk of time it occupied my television and that’s all we really want some days anyway, no?


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