Phoenix of the Wolfe: Rise- Part 2


About 2 months before the soft date of my departure, there was much debate on where I should go.  Back and forth from Colorado Springs, to the Carolinas, to friggin’ San Antonio. San Antonio was a tiny blip on the decision list until I decided; I just have to get the hell out of Texas.  Something about the location just wasn’t meshing well with my psyche ever since I arrived over a decade ago.  Maybe the heat, or the over population combined with the higher cost of living in the later years.  Maybe it was the uber techie/hipster vibe permeating in the area that I thought I was all about until that company-who-shall-remain-nameless went and downsized about 30% of their workforce.  Turns out I wasn’t as passionate about the tech industry as I thought I was.  Ahhh discoveries.  I don’t know.  I stopped trying to figure it out.  I just knew I wanted to get the hell outta Austin for a number of reasons.  Finally I decided on South Carolina since my pro/con list told me so.  (Thanx Rory Gilmore) heheh…

So about a week before I’m about to leave, I’m still in kind of a passive panic mode trying to figure out what I can fit in the car, and what is really not a necessity.  This freak out was heavily sedated by binge watching Girlboss and Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix when my ass probably should have been doing a mock packing to see what can actually fit in the car ahead of time.  That way, when Salvation Army comes to pick up my crap, I have a clear idea of what can stay.  This passive non-decision bull shit went on until the day Salvation Army was scheduled to pick up all of my big items.  TV, futon, awesome speakers, and a bunch of other crap.  Why didn’t I sell it off, you ask?  Ooooh, I’m gonna tell ya!

Selling items in the other states I’ve lived in.  No problem.  Selling off video game stuff ANYWHERE, no problem.  Trying to sell household gear in Texas; pffhaa! Good luck!  Talk about low ballin’.  You advertise a $600 package for half price, these cats do not care.  $300? Nah.  Let’s start the haggling at $50… for everything.  FIFTY dollars!!  Fawk that advertised price!  Hell, some didn’t even bother hagglin’ and just straight up asked me, “what’s the least you wanna sell your items for?”  Like, really dude?!  Really?  GTFOH with yo cheap ass!!  Needless to say, there was a large charity donation on my behalf.  Tax write off was the better option.  You’re welcome.


Goodbye stuff 😦

At any rate, I did learn one thing at the start of this departure;  You’ve not made any executive decisions in your life until you have to fit all of your super-I-can’t live-without-them worldly possessions into a compact car and you realize it all ain’t gonna fit!  Now is the time when you find out how much of a necessity all of your necessary items really are.   See that 20 inch computer monitor?  Gone!  Air purifier? Peace!  Pillows, Cotsco bulk food, and other clothes you sometimes wear?  Bag it, tag it, trash it! So much good stuff… sayonara, nice to know you!  Find out a lot about yourself when you have to throw out stuff you were just soooo attached to, let me tell ya.  On the plus side, it’s a good way to minimize the amount of physical stuff in your life.  Only have as much stuff as you can fit in the damn car!  I kinda like it.  Reminded me of De Niro from the movie Heat. 30 seconds flat rule.

And then, finally an hour after I was planning on leaving, I hit the road.


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