Phoenix of the Wolfe: Rise- Part 4

burn rubber 2

Getting late.  Ran through about 600 miles today.  Pretty easy when you’re doin’ about 80 for most of the drive.  Talk about fun!  It’s always better when you’ve got blockers that do a buck ten on the freeway.  Driving tip: Let that Benz, family van, or late 80’s caddy slide by when they start tail gating.  That way you can pretty much do whatever speed you want since you know they aren’t gonna slow down and let you pass back by them.  Of course it’s always a bonus to have a blocker for 5-0 as well.

I decided to pull in to a Day’s Inn in Mississippi for the night.  Well, whaddya know, I was right smack on the Mississippi river!  (Totally not planned.)Mississippi bridge dayBridge and everything!  So I walk in, pretty much tired from that 8 hours of car time.  Soon as I walk in, the TV on the wall makes my face light up.  This dude seriously had Sanford and Son on like nobody’s business.Sanford  Yeyaaah!!




Of course the cig burns or whatever caused the holes in the bedding was also pretty comical here as well.  Definitely not recommended.Cig burns

Seven A.M. rolls around and the loud boom of Thunder hits just as my alarm goes off. How’s that for a wake up call?? Turns out there’s a tornado right over the river! Right over me!! Yikes!   My first thought; I hope this thing gets outta here before checkout time.  Messing up my scheduaaal.  So I get up and head down to the lobby to check out this continental breakfast that’s supposed to be goin’ on.   How about these fools had about 2 bowls of frosted flakes just chillin’ in the bin (I peeped them last night when I checked in) and the addition of 5 slices of sad looking toast in the bin. (breakfast was from 6:30am to 9:30am and it’s only 7:15!!)  Where’s the OJ?  Where’s the apple juice!? Maaan, damn!  Guess that Waffle House in the back of the parking lot there is about to happen.  Can’t roll out on an empty stomach.

Waffle house was cool. (but pricey) My sleepy/hungry ass didn’t pay attention to the prices and was just ordering off of hunger.  $18 breakfast cause I didn’t want them to throw out the food.  Daaaaamn!!  That’ll wake ya up.  The two ladies in there had the graveyard shift bloodshot eyes happening, but they were jovial and relaxed.  The dude cooking was on it though.  He was one of those people you see in the movies that never write down the orders and just memorizes everything.  This family of 5 rolled in and the waitress read off all of the orders.  My man just grabbed plate after plate, lined ‘em up and started cooking.  One lady was like, “he’s not gonna write any of that down?”  Waitress was like, “Nahh, don’t worry about it.  He’s got it.”  Love it.

Finally around 9:30 A.M. the tornado takes a break.  I don’t know if it was the heart or what, but one of the housekeeping ladies was like, “ya’ll better get out of here now while ya’ll can!  This tornado is huuuge!”  She didn’t have to tell me twice!

About an hour into the drive there was crazy rain, thunder and lightning happening.  Nooooo!  Had to do the speed limit ’cause, you know, can’t see squat out there.  I couldn’t tell if we were chasing the tornado, or if it was chasing us.  All I know is that was a nervous three hours with all of those damn mac trucks steaming up the road.  Finally the clouds parted and the storm broke off and headed north.  “Whew!”  Don’t know what I would have done on that part of the drive without my Richard Pryor CDs for the chuckles.


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