Phoenix of the Wolfe: Rise- Part 5

Waffle house

Finally arrived at my target destination of South Carolina on a Sunday night.  The first thing I noticed here is the air (and a crap ton of Waffle houses all over the place.  No joke, this place is what Starbucks is in metro areas).  So much cooler and easier to breathe over here.  Less stuffy.  The weather actually feels like a breezy 69 degrees outside.

The location I booked doesn’t open until Monday, so I spenpolar bear showert the night at an Econo Lodge. Hey, It was cheap and they actually had some continental breakfast in the morning. Hellooo Waffles and orange juice.  Though we won’t talk about the missing hot water…

I finally check in on Monday and well… let’s just say the online pictures must present the new inn on the west side of town, cause the live version isn’t as puurty. It’s a weekly inn sort of place Frige burner copyequipped with a 2 burner stove and a full size refrigerator.  My research indicated this was the most economical place equipped with $5 a week wifi, hot water and a roof.  It’s also tiny, but with no current income, we’ll make it work.

I settle in and set out to find a grocery store to stock up on grub for the week.  I spend small.  Lunch meat, milk and cereal.  Didn’t want to get too much food in case I have to haul it all out shortly.  After walking out of the Food Lion grocery store…  Brain: You can get all of this crap at a Walmart for 25-50% cheaper.  Me: I knooow I knoow!  Friday, hit ’em up!  Marie Callender frozen dinners almost half price cheaper for the same size.  Bet!!  Threw out all my cooking wares before I left Texas, so cold foods and microwave are the preparation methods of choice at the moment.  Refuse to buy replacements until I’m back at an official new address.  Just the basics man.  Humans have too much stuff!


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