Phoenix of the Wolfe: Rise- Part 7

20170520_124703 small

Rounding out week 3.  Been about a month since I worked up a full sweat with some intense cardio.  Body’s been yelling at me to remedy the situation and I’m right there with it.  Been doing strategic workouts inside rather than going full crazy mode at a gym or outside like I usually would.  No gym at this place, and only spending on necessities at this time.  Also, can’t go crazy mode since intense workouts mean the body needs to recoup intense calories, ie., food!  2- 3 days after crazy mode and I will still pretty much eat EVERYTHING!! Haha!  Sooo, figured it’d be best to tone that down until we get back on track with things.

I did say the heck with it and go for a jog at the fancy park today though.  That image at the top is the lake I finally found.  20170520_124842 smallPretty sweet! Also believe I found their um, *ahem* waterfall.  Still have more to explore, but this is an amazing park.  I jogged around the long way to get to this point, but there’s parking and a bunch of pavilions here indicating this is actually the paid section.  We have similar parks back in my home town and paying to simply go hang out at the park seems a tad absurd.  Just ask the guy below…  He saw me walking by taking pictures and hopped out of the water at me.  Rolled up on me like; “say bruh, you got some food?”

20170520_125135 small

The geese are so fat over here!!

Had to get creative with the workouts and workout gear as well, since I may have tossed all of my exercise gear  before I left.  Now that I think about it, I probably should grab some winter gear soon as well, since they were in the same bag.. Yikes!

Anyway, I’m glad I still have this handy workout mat.

20170520_180353 small

It’s been my new bestie since most of the workouts are inside.  Been doing a lot of yoga and Tai Chi (thanks for the memory implants, instructor peoples. 🙂 )  Also, with no weights, one has to get creative with resistance; chairs, gallon water jugs, books, whatever you can find to add a little bit of weight to your resistance movements.

So everything costs money, right?  With the lack of income, the street instincts kick in and remind you of how to stay thrifty when necessary.  This episode’s thrifty tip:  Saving money on laundry.  Instead of sullying up your wears and having to wash laundry more often, try walking around your room/place in your drawers and nothing else!  Gotta eat, do it naked.  Working on your computer, take it off.  Exercising inside? Just the drawers folks.  Haha!  Haven’t gotten comfy working out in my b-day suit yet, but the point is, you’ll have less laundry to wash, which will save you a few bucks a week.  Just be sure to use a towel so you don’t booty juice up the place. :p  If you’ve got about 3 weeks worth of drawers and hardly need to leave the crib, you can get away with not doing laundry for 2-3 weeks!! Hey, saved about 30 bucks right there! Other tips, later…



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