Love is a Unicorn

Love is a unicorn

Lust at first sight is common, but love is a unicorn.

Hasn’t happened to me yet, in all my years of being born.

Quite content running solo.  At times, even close my mind to the possibility when they walk by.

Grown tired of shallow waters and train of thoughts that run dry.

Didn’t see you at first. I almost bumped into you.

Then you moved a little to the left.  “Oh, that reflection is new.”

“Who is that!?” I wonder.  And almost miss the beat.

“Stop staring, Mr. Wolfe.  And by the way, “MOVE YOUR FEET!”

She can’t catch the sequence. “Coordination’s a little rough.”

But I’m finding it endearing.  “No no, this is NOT love.”

Caught me looking and she smiles.  “My gods what a sight.”

One of those smiles you work hard to see… day, or night.

Pressure’s on now, my boy.  Can’t let her slip past.

Let’s build on that spark, or later you’ll kick your own ass!

I break the ice and she speaks, the short vibe is kinda nice.

Eyes sparkle as her lips move.  Somehow this feels just right.

Exotic name, fit frame.  Her hands, soft to the touch.

Should probably tone my brain down a notch, ’cause I’m analyzing too much.

Thoughts fly to a distant future of things that just might be.

Thoughts that never cross my mind, about things I don’t foresee.

Maybe this is a sign.  A glimpse of something new.

Never mind, false alarm.  She just kissed her boo…


Today I Exploded an Egg

egg header-1


Today I exploded an egg.

     Today I exploded an egg.

My first encounter.

     Yellow lumps, on the counter.

Today I exploded an egg.

     That’s right, you heard, what I said.

Shots rang out.

     I dove behind the couch.

          My toe screamed “OUCH!”

               Shooting pains won the bout.

                    No guns in the house.

                         Much louder, than a mouse.

Oh microwave, microwave, please, no I beg.

     Today I exploded an egg.