Phoenix of the Wolfe: Rise- Part 3


Long distance driving can be fun.  Almost therapeutic!  Just me, my posse and the open road.  Perfectly fine for the sort of introverted kind of person.  Pika loves riding shotgun on our long trips.  Every time we pass a car with kids in the back, he always waives or smashes his face against the window and the kids go bonkers.  Celebrities…

Everything has been smooth on the drive so far.  About 5 hours in I stop in at a Shell for some car nectar and hit the loo.  So many gas station restaurant combos these days.  This particular one was meshed up with a Whataburger.  Sure, fine.  I’ll get some damn fries.  Curse you food chains…

I laid out my grub on my trunk and ate while standing.  Mostly because my ass had that numbness happening like when you take a long flight and the right butt cheek feels like it’s gonna fall off until you punch it back to life.  Yeah, so I was happy to be standing for a minute.  Then I stopped and took in my surroundings.  Hey heeeey, look at all my chocolate peeps!  Then I remembered my Google maps navigator welcoming me to Louisiana about an hour ago.  She’s so polite.  Been a while since I’d seen so many of my folks in one place. (Outside of Houston or Dallas of course) Austin, not so much.

Things were pretty mild at that time.  Nothing happening except this one lady that kept giving me the eye like she wanted to give me somethin’ else, while she was puffin’ on a stogie.  Sorry mami, the Wolfeman’s not cool enough to handle that cigar smoke.  Deuces!