Phoenix of the Wolfe: Rise- Part 8


I’m at the beginning of my fourth week here.  Went outside and appreciated the cool rain happening.  Just saw a few FB posts of folks wanting the rain to go away… crazy people. Maybe if the rain was constant for weeks on end, then yeah, that might be a bit much, but one or a few days at a time and I love it!

Job offers are starting to trickle in.  Not really the ones at the top of the list, but ones that would put food in my belly. 🙂  If only I could fast forward to making this artist thing lucrative… *sigh*.  Accepted two last week; one of which is a permanent full time that would devour my soul.  The other, a temp job that actually looks kind of fun and pays more, so that seems like the right avenue for now.

I’m a firm believer in the universe nudging us in directions of need at times.  Not necessarily forcing us into things, but supplying us with clairvoyance when we need it. Oddly enough, we still have free will to ignore it, or just go with it and see where it takes us.  I accepted the soul devouring position first, even though I already discovered while in the interview that I would absolutely hate it.  I almost walked out after the second interview, but I got the nudge that I should stick with it, because I’m going to receive a job offer for my efforts after this grueling process…

Five hours later (yes, five hours!!) I finally have my job offer in my hands.  A few minutes later I’m checking out the list of apartments researched to get me a spot.  Kind of over this whole weekly inn business for a number of reasons. Plus I’d be spending less as well. As luck would have it, I ended up getting the last 1 BR in the price range and location I wanted.  This lady literally walked in after me and wanted the one I just snatched up. Had I not accepted the job earlier, I’d have missed out on the place.

The next day I went to another interview and got the temp position on the spot, so that was cool. Universe was like, “we got your back homey.” Orientation starts tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes.