Phoenix of the Wolfe: Rise- Part 6

20170520_165219 small

Week 2 of this adventure.  Spent the bulk of this time putting in job applications and hanging out at the park.  Found this amazing forest – with a name I don’t bother trying to pronounce – right around the corner.  Score!!  Sesquicentenial State Park.  Well, I suppose it’s not that hard when you sound it out, but whatever.  It has tall pine trees that stretch as far as the eye can see.  This park is huuuge!  Like over 1400 acres huge.  I haven’t even went off the main path yet, but I spent a good hour and a half hiking through it the other day and still have more to see. 20170520_124458 smallAccording to the map there’s a waterfall in there somewhere.  Probably one of those small creek waterfalls the way the park’s lined out, but either way, I’ll find it soon.

I’ve also been spending time knocking out chapters in the book I’m currently working on. Kinda have mixed feelings about actually trying to land a new job versus spending more time writing.  I’ve literally finished about 10 chapters in a short amount of time!  Of course, I know the realities.  Cash reserves won’t last forever… Gotta eat!

Late in the week I pulled out my ACE personal trainer books that I’d hardly put a dent in a few years back.  Figured it’d be a good time to try and get through them again and do the personal trainer career.  Memorizing three hundred pages of medical terms and another five hundred pages of content is still not my strong suit.  Two days of flipping through these pages was enough for another few years for me… back in the bag. lol.  I’m a visual/action learner, so maybe I’ll try to find the DVD material somewhere.

Had a couple interviews, but they were set up before I moved.  Finally had a few more interviews during my 3rd week here as well.  Man this place is slower than I thought with the call backs.  That’s definitely one of the things I miss in the mid-south.  Getting a call back in a few days, rather than weeks about jobs.  You’d think it’d be the other way around with this area having less density in the population.  Although, it could be the dreaded “overqualified” rearing it’s ugly head again.  I did have 2 of those emails come back stating this in more or less terms…  I shall press on.